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Find your Scandinavian vintage sofa in cool vintage leather or velvet at Furnip. No retro but only the real deal. True mid century Danish Design furniture.

Mid century modern originals from the 50s 60s and 70s. Our purchasing endeavours in Denmark

allow us to uncover the most stunning vintage sofas and daybeds mid century Danish furniture has to offer. Design and functionality are always key for these masterpieces.


Feel free to mix and match our stylish Danish vintage sofas with a contemporary table and through that create that unique look with a tint of Scandinavian design!


Mid-century modern: Scandinavian furniture

Mid-Century Modern or MCM was a design movement touching everything in our daily lives. Furnitures, fabrics, consumer goods and architecture. The movement that lasted until the 70s emerged prominently after WWII but started already mid 30s. Throughout the movement authenticity and craftsmanship were key attributes all designs adhered to.
The use of wood has been key for mid century modern furniture design. Concept was to bring nature inside in material and for some Danish designers also in actual shape. Danish design furniture comprised various high quality wood types and furniture lines were frequently quite organically shaped. The era further is known for being quite 'busy' with sometimes a profuse use of accessories.

Key attributes of a Danish vintage design sofa
In the middle of the 20th century an array of iconic designers made their mark on interior design. Designers like Arne Jacobsen, Finn Juhl, Hans J. Wegner, and Charles and Ray Eames are some of the well known names. As indicated by use of clear lines, intelligent use of space and flowing organic shapes. Practically this means that one can recognise a vintage mid century modern sofa by its high legs in teak or oak. Armrests are often marvellous creations in teak and almost always add to the visual appeal. Comfort is mostly well looked after and quality of construction is always pure craftmanship. Mid-century sofas 60 to 70 years from the date of production still provide seating quality.

Different types of vintage design sofas
Danish midcentury modern sofas were designed by many different designers, different sizes, colours and materials. Concepts were mostly linear with two seaters, two and a half seaters, three seaters and four seaters. A corner sofa was a very rare concept that made its way into our living rooms not until the late seventies. Daybeds however were something typical Danish. A daybed is a sofa, couch, bed and chaise longue into one. Not just cool but also very functional to sleep sit and lounge.

Velvet vintage sofa
Practically all vintage sofas we buy will be reupholstered by our professional upholsterer. After a good 60 plus years any fabric is ready for a renewal and to do this we use high quality fabrics. Fabrics from Kvadrat and De Ploeg are very much on par with the furniture quality of Danish design. A current fashionable fabric is velvet or velours, a soft haired thick fabric. Velvet although not frequently used in Danish design fits remarkably well with the style and for this reason we always have a few pieces upholstered with this fabric type.
As much as possible we stick to original colours or design styles. Danish designers picked colours that colour well with teak and are still in full swing such as ocher yellow, moss green, sea blue, orange and cobalt blue.

Maintaining your vintage sofa
To enjoy your freshly reupholstered mid century masterpiece for as long as possible it is key to use the right products that preserve its quality. We are big fans of Royal, a line of products for cleaning and maintaining your new vintage sofa. You can find them here.

Any questions about our sofa collection?

Or interested in a particular model or designer we do not have? Or looking for a sofa upholstered in a specific fabric? Let us know! Often we have a few sofas that have not been upholstered yet in storage and those could be a match!

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