We respect your privacy and use your personal details only for the by you intended purpose. We will operate in line with Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens en de Telecommunicatiewet under Dutch law. 

Company details
Name company: Furnip
Website: https://www.furnip.nl and https://www.furnip.com
Registry Dutch chamber of commerce KvK: 61995762
Tax-number: NL854585552B01

E-mail address
1.  We can send you under mutual agreement offers on related products and services provided you have signed off on such receiving such offers. If you choose to unsubscribe to such offers you can do this when providing your email and personal details. In addition every sent mailing will include the option to unsubscribe for such services.
2.  In case we store your email address for reasons other than the intended agreement we will not use it for conveying unwanted communication without your prior consent. 

Postal address
We will solely use your postal address for shiping products or information you've requested.

Telephone number
We will not use your telephone number for commercial purposes.

Other personal details
Other personal details will be processed by us (through the use of cookies, or other) when:  
1.  data processing is neccesary to:
a.  the execution of our agreement with you; 
b.  proper follow up to a public/legal case; 
c.  protecting our legal interest (unless your legal interest or fundamental rights and liberties prevail over our legal interest), or; 
2.  you have granted us permission for the processing of it. 
We will not store any of your personal details any longer than it is necessary to complete the purpose or reason for which they were provided to us.

Special personal information
Collected information will only be used internally and will not be shared with other institutions.

Safety of collecting and sharing data
1.  When we share or collect your data on our website we will always use up to standard and governing coding technology suitable for this purpose;  
2.  We have enabled necessary security precautions to prevent loss, illegal use or alteration of data we have received through our web site.

Safety of data storage
Safety criteria:
a.  The page where data can be entered will operate under security certification.
b.  Paswords will always be stored in hashed format.
c.  We store as little as possible data in our data base allowing the lowest possible exposure risk of your personal data. 
d.  Sending your personal details through email occurs through a secured connection. 
e.  We take technical and organisational precautions to prevent loss or unrightfull use by others (through attack) and guarantee a suitable security level and audit our site periodically on this matter.  
f.  All systems that use (sensitive) personal data are equipped with anti virus software and up to date regarding security related software updates and patches provided by the applicable anti virus software companies.
g.  As a minimum our site is checked twice per year for application related vulnerabilities from the so called OWASP top 10.

Access to your data
On request we inform visitors of our website what we do with their personal data. Any incorrect data can be corrected or removed. Please contact us if you desire access to your personal data that we store by sending an email to the address below. 

If you wish to respond to our privacy policy feel free to contact us through: 
a.  By email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
b.  By phone: +31 6 28612082

Our privacy policy is subject to change. Any changes will be reported here, in some relevant cases we will update you by email regarding notable changes.