The shades of grey
First and foremost we sell original vintage design furniture from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Part of the charme of vintage is that it is not new but aged.
Just like one can see age on people you can see age on furniture. True, we and furniture all age differently. It is therefore we indicate the vintage condition with either excellent, very good, good and fair. 

So what did we do to rate the vintage condition?

  • Any purchased piece of furniture will be fully examined and restored if necessary. Restoring typically means removing old wax layers, recoloring lighter spots in the wood and resolving small scratches. 
  • In case a visibly very clear spot, for instance the mark left by a flower pot or vase on a table top or credenza, is not removed this will be clearly indicated in the description. Often this will force the vintage condition of the product towards fair. It is also possible we do not see great hinderance in a particular spot or mark which would allow to product to be slotted into good condition, it all depends. It such case you'll find a picture in the product overview highlighting the potential problem area. 

excellent > Like new, no signs of wear, hardly any traces of age and use
very good > Light use marks and signs of age, like small scratches, little damage for instance on feet and inconspicuous spots on veneer or leather. 
good > Light scratches and some heavier scratches, little damage and stains, some ring marks are possible, leather with small rips. 
fair > Heavier scratches, lighter scratches on many prominent locations, like the top of a credenza, tears and stress marks in leather. 

When our shades of grey don't provide enough foothold? Make an appointment to look for yourself!