We love vintage...

Still trending
Replace the CRT TV from this ‘oldschool’ magazine cover for a flatscreen TV and the curtains for wooden shutters. You’ll be amazed how this living room from the sixties transforms into modernity. Mid-century Danish design was trendy back then and now. Or better, it still is!

Rosengren Hansen

Give it to me !...
The net feel and grandeur of rosewood. Doesn’t compare to much else actually. Today a banned for new furniture and rightfully protected hardwood type. These chairs however we uncovered from the past just for you!

Light me up!

Vintage design A.D. now?
This mid-century magazine cover confronts us with everlasting design.
This lamp was an eye catcher then and it still is.
Furnip will put the spotlight on some of its vintage lamps for you.

Gimme the light!

Sit down!

Found your comfy seat?
Attractive design and on top of that very comfortable seating. Using high end materials that was what Danish designers lived by.
Seated you well then and will seat you well now.

Style statement

Mid-century design now?
Definately a ‘style statement’ back in the day and still. Madly in love with credenzas and side tables? We get it, it took us too! We banked heavily on these storage items and have many for you in our shop.

Happy hunting! 

Family time

Finger licking good design
Would this family have imagined how hip they were and would be in todays world? The designs of their day are the unique centerpieces of today. And a ‘statement of style’.