Mid-century Danish design

Furnip buys and sells vintage design furniture from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s. Mid-century Danish design or mid-century modern to be exact.

Everything from timeless design classics and masterpieces to entry level pieces from unknown designers and makers. Furnip has it all and can always match your desire and needs for seating, shelving and storage. By the way, we do not exclude any particular category, we market chests cabinets shelves tables lounge credenza’s chairs sofa’s lamps accessories and the like.

All of these can be your mid-century must haves. All of these are fruits of our handpicking.

Handpicked vintage

All, truly all, pieces we offer to you are handpicked.

Furnip travels the Nordic and other parts of the world to find and collect design pieces to further complete our diverse offering. We pick from larger stocks at traders and dealers but also frequently purchase from individuals who want to part with their treasure.

All of this happens with the greatest sense for care and consideration, we repair clean and restore the pieces we collect without deviating from the original design. In many cases the pieces come from the first owner and will only be reupholstered when really needed. Again original upholstery will be cherished as much as possible as it adds value. 

Every mid-century masterpiece has it’s own story to tell and you’ll receive the background information we have on it. Think of information like design type, the designer, used materials, the manufacturer, and best ways to maintain the piece for another 50 years. This will quickly allow you to bond with the piece as it should be.

Mad for mid-century design

Furnip sprung out from the loins of our pure passion for Danish design. In the days it started with tracking capturing and reviving mid-century design for personal pleasure and use. 
Just, because we love it so much.

Especially when in combo with travel. Many of our explorations were heading into Denmark and with every trip we discovered new locations ‘treasure houses’ and grew our stock of design pieces. One can imagine that at some point our place was fully cramped with vintage. Our passion outmatched our square footage and out of necessity we created Furnip.  

Furnip also allowed us to share our passion with as many co-thinkers as possible. Above all it allowed us to further our passion and secure even more design pieces. With all of those we hope to please even more folks and see even more of the design splendors mid-century has to offer. Everybody happy!

Let us introduce ourselves

Behagelig! Say what?
Danish for nice meeting you. We are Ilse and Pascal. Both of us are of the ‘wanderlustig’type and ‘madly in love met mid-century design’. The net combination of both? You guessed it, that’s Furnip! Born out of love for design. 

We love to travel and specially travels to Denmark. Us ‘busy bees’ like to invest our time in making things better, and work up the good designs of the past to their former glory. When a piece needs to be renewed we’ll do this with greatest care for the original design. All but re-upholstering we do ourselves. Just like photography and styling that you see on these pages. Furnip in this way also refers to our craftsmanship and appreciation. And we like to vent that out as much as possible. We can tell you the history of every piece that you discover on our site. We love to share that history with you.

So, shoot! Let us know what you want to know!


online or visit our central warehouse   
The webshop allows one to digitally look at all finds we have. However, we do appreciate the ones that want to see the good stuff ‘live’. In the latter case visit the Furnip warehouse in Teteringen, nearby Breda the Netherlands. Open on appointment!

Such would allow you to see, smell and touch with own eyes, nose and hands all pieces we have on sale. We’ll also be around to walk you through what we have and provide some further clarification when needed on our ‘masterpieces’.

In the central store all is packed tight but we do facilitate with room to show all vintage masterpieces. The central store is also the location where new treasures come in, most of the time there is a truck full that has not yet been processed into our webshop. Renewal, photography and styling also takes place here.
Coming here allows you to ‘first pick’ and see behind the scenes. 

One thing that will strike you if you frequent some of our competitors is that we value climate control, and match it to typical homes. No damp and water soaked furniture in our store! First and foremost this allows our furniture to take up more of the essential oils we use, and not be in a ‘drying shock’ when in your home. So at Furnip we keep it warm to keep it cool!