Slagelse Mobelvaerk Z-Chair : No. 42 By Kai Kristiansen, set of 4.. CH23068 €3,850.00 €3,850.00 4

Z-Chair : No. 42 furnip

By Kai Kristiansen, set of 4


Kai Kristiansen : Model 42

The Z chair, also referred to as chair #42,  by design of Kai Kristiansen and produced by Slagelse Møbelvaerk. This chair got it’s Z shape from the suspending back rest. It's a classic.

At first sight the chair might look slightly uncomfortable, however sits as a winner. Actually the short armrests are much better sized than typical ones you’ll find on a chair. Kristiansen clearly put some thought into this. These four chairs are from teak and the seats and backs have been reupholstered in a high quality (Retro) leatherette. The subtile glow makes it look like the original upholstery. We always choose this Retro leatherette because of its high quality and subtle shine, which makes it very similar to the original upholstery.

For ‘good sitting’ Furnip awards the Z-chair with a 8.5!

Need more?

We still have two Z chairs in teak for sale. If you are looking for a set of 6.

Seat height > 43 cm
Seat width > 45 cm
Total width > 54 cm
Total height > 78 cm
Depth > 40 cm
Manufacturer > Slagelse Mobelvaerk
Designer > Kai Kristiansen

Period > Late 60’s
Material > Solid teak and leatherette (retro)
Vintage condition > Very good