Slagelse Mobelvaerk


Design classics from >  ? - 1978
Background > Furniture from Slagelse Møbelvaerk should not be absent in any good collection of Danish mid- century furniture. Slagelse collaborated with an array of renewing Danish designers and used them to bring new and daring designs. The Slagelse Møbelvaerk let them to work with a team of very skilled craftsmen that allowed their designs to comprise complex shapes and joints. 
Furniture focus > Chairs, sideboards, sofas and easy chairs.
Main designers > Kai Winding, Knud Faerch, IB Kofod-Larsen, Arne vodder, Kurt Olsen, Peter Karpf and Kurt Østervig
Classic >  Sofa No. 15 Banana formed (Viggo Boesen), Armchair No. 810 (Arne Vodder)