Kai Kristiansen


From > 1929, Copenhagen
Background > Cabinet maker
Education >
 Danish Academy of fine arts, Copenhagen
Influencer > Kaare Klint
Design studio > 
At the age of 26 Kristiansen opened his own studio in Copenhagen 
Manufacturer > His designs were produced by Feldballe Møbelfabrik, Fornem Møbelkunst, Fritz Hansen, Shou Andersen Møbelfabrik and Magnus Olesen.
Signature > Teak and rosewood, multifunctional innovative designs with striking angles and the clean lines Kristiansen was known for
Masterpiece > Spisebordsstol nr. 42 uit 1956-1957 in Z-vorm for Schou Andersen.
The organically curved back and pivoted armrests form a chair that is as beautiful as it is comfortable. And his modular FM-Reol system Wall Unit (1957) made for Feldballe Møbelfabrik.
Other > Kai Kristiansen was the driving force behind the Scandinavian Furniture Fair from 1966 to 1970