Design classics from > Dutch furniture manufacturer WéBé was founded in 1938 in Beneden-Leeuwen. Originally called Walraven and Bevers after its two founders, the company’s name was later shortened to the abbreviated WéBé.
Main designer > Louis van Teeffelen, head of design from 1955.
Furniture focus > Chairs, tables and modular wall systems out of teak with chests and shelves
Classics > De Koehoornstoel (Cow horn chair) the Scissor Chair (1950’s) and the Pelican Fauteuil (1960's)
most typically > Van Teeffelen introduced a classic mid-century Scandinavian aesthetic and a number of popular designs in a similar style to the work of his contemporary, Poul Cadovius. Casegoods and tables with anthropomorphic, “smiling” handles along with sculptural structures became van Teeffelen’s signature.