Design classics from >  1908 - 1984
Peder Olsen Sibast opened a small furniture factory in the country side. The very same year Helge, his son was born and grew into the business tought by his father. Helge expanded Sibast and in the 60s Sibast was in its heydays, an international with over 120 employees.
Region > Kolding, South-Denmark
Designers > a.o. Arne Vodder, Johannes Andersen, Peter Hvidt and Helge Sibast
Signature > Crossover designs by Arne Vodder. Vodder deviated as one of the first from the ‘wood only’ principle and experimented with drawers doors and table tops.
Classic > Chair Sibast No 8 (Helge Sibast, 1953), Chair Sibast no. 7 (Helge Sibast, 1953) and Cabinet 29 (Arne Vodder)
Background > Sibast and Vodder are undoubtably connected. Although Sibast had house designers it was mostly Vodder that made Sibast to what it was.