N. Eilersen


Design classics from > 1895 - now
Main designer > Illum Wikkelsø, Eric Wørts and from the late 60s Jens Juuel Eilersen
Classic >  Capella armchair, Rocking chair and the Ring chair 23 (1957) by Illum Wikkelsø. The Safari chair by Eric Wørts
Signature > Use of high quality materials focussing on lasting quality and comfort
Furniture focus > It all began with a horse-drawn carriages. This was young Niels Eilersens core busines, coachbuilding. To make his wheels, he was one of the first persons in Denmark to use steam to bend wood. And when cars eventually ran horse-drawn carriages off the road, Eilersen started making handmade bodies for cars and busses. In 1934 the factory burned to the ground. Yet this marked the start of an entirely different production process. From that time on, Eilersen focused on producing high-quality upholstered furniture and dining chairs made from steam bend solid wood.