Hong Stole Fabrik


Design classics made from > 1911 - 1997
History > Founded in 1911 by the Christensen brothers in Høng Denmark. They sided for Høng apparently because of the trainstation there. In 1921 the company already filed for bankruptcy. Poul Blomhøj, a carpenter in the factory was still owed some wages and traded it for the company. Blomhøj headed by train to Copenhagen to buy wood without any money and ran into his brother in the train who was heading in the same direction. Starting out borrowing money from his brother for the wood, the company flourished with three generations Blomhøj at the realm until 1997.
Furniture focus > Chairs designed by Erik Kirkegaard until the 80s.
Main designer > Erik Kirkegaard and Jens Blomhøj developing design furniture in addition to furniture for daycare homes and hospitals
Classic >  Chair #43 by Erik Kirkegaard