FDB Mobler


Design classics made from >  In 1942 FDB Møbler was founded and the aim of founder Frederik Nielsen was to produce high quality affordable modern and functional furniture. Design furniture for the masses!  
Main designers > Børge Mogensen (head of design from 1942 -1950), Hans J. Wegner, Poul M. Volther, Eyvind A. Johansson and Jørgen Baekmark
Classics > Chair J48 (Poul M. Volther), rocking chair J52G (Børge Mogensen) and chair J67 (Ejvind A. Johansson)
Signature > Modern furniture made and sold in large quantities. Almost every Danish house had a FDB Møbler in it. Possibly because of it's outspoken mission FDB produced an impressive amount of design classics, most of those from Børge Mogensen and his team.