Design classics made from > 1957, Bramin Møbelfabrik (emerged from N.A. Jørgensens Møbelfabrik) The name refers to the town of the factory, Bramming in Jutland Denmark.
Furniture focus > Bramin Møbelfabrik has always aimed for the higher quality segment, solid rosewood, teak or oak were prominently used in their products.
Main designers > a.o. Henry W. Klein, Hans Olsen, Kurt Østervig and Frank Reenskaug.
Classic > Model 473 by Henry W. Klein, using his joint technique signature style and the rocking chair No. 182 by Frank Reenskaug.
Signature > Henry W. Klein, made Bramin signature series encompassing all governing furniture types one can find in a living room. Often with high quality solid wood ribbing and joint design owing to the recognition of the Bramin brand. 

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