Aksel Kjersgaard


Design classics made from > 1952 -  Kjersgaard A/S is now run by his son and continues to produce furniture under the name Naver Collection.
Main designer > In the 50s and 60s Kai Kristiansen and from the 70s on Ebbe Gehl and Søren Nissen
Classic > As designer and a manufacturer, Kjersgaard’s contribution to the Danish (and Scandinavian) design history is undoubtedly important.
Background > The furniture factory was founded in 1952 by master cabinetmaker Aksel Kjersgaard. He had been working for more than 3 years as a travelling craftsman all over Europe and Morocco and wanted to try out some of his own ideas. In 1955 the production of furniture started. In the subsequent years Aksel Kjersgaard got the first international customers and today the factory exports to most parts of the world.