Verner Panton


From > Copenhagen, 1926-1998
Education > Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen
Architecture & design studio > Vernet had his own studio from 1954
Signature > Verner Panton is without question one of Denmark's most influential 20th-century furniture and interior designers. During his career, he brought to life innovative and futuristic designs in a variety of materials, especially plastics, and in vibrant and exotic colors.
Masterpieces > Cone Chair (1958), The Panton Chair (1960), Peacock Chair, Verner Panton S-chair model 275 Thonet, Bayer exposition ships Visiona O + II  Köln (1968-1970), Spiegel Canteen Hamburg (1969)
Manufacturer > Among others Vitra, Fritz Hansen and Louis Poulsen

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