Poul Hundevad


Poul Hundevad succes started in the bronze age when the original Guldhøj chair was made. This chair, a foldable footstall really, was found in a burial mound in Hundevad's birthplace Vamdrup. Hundevad decided to remake the bronze age chair with some small alterations in his own furniture studio. He sided for different wood types such as oak, teak, wenge and rosewood and finished it much like the original with leather upholstery. It was a great succes and Hundevad sold and sells the remakes all over the world.
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1917 - 2011, Vamdrup Denmark
Background > Carpenter
Designstudio >  Designstudio and production form the early fifties in Vamdrup
Signature > Functionality and durability, preference for rosewood and teak. Mainly chair designs.
Brands > Poul Hundevad produced his own designs
Masterpiece > Guldhøj chair