Kurt Østervig


From > 1912-1986, Odense
Background > Shipbuilding and design
Education > Ship architecture and furniture design
Architecture & design studio > E. Knudsen Studio / Kurt Østervig
Signature > Østervig signature piece is the free standing shelves and chests unit that he designed for KP Møbler. These come with organically shaped legs and bronze tubing to uphold the bottom chest or shelf. In addition to these his designs as freelance designer for Bramin (chairs), Sibast (chairs), Pedersen & Søn, Rollschau (lounge chairs) are still very popular!
Manufacturer > KP Møbler and others
musea > In 1947 he starts his own furniture design studio and made designs that are known all over the world. His work is exhibited in among other places the Museum of Modern Art in New York.