Johannes Andersen


From > 1903 - 1991, Aarhus
Background > Trained cabinet maker 1920 - 1922
Designstudio > Johannes Andersen opened his own design studio in the mid 30s and designed for many Scandinavian furniture makers.
Signature >
The Scandinavian style was well known for distinctive shaping, elegant lining and cool looks. These Scandinavian design mantra's are clearly visible in his designs but made into a unique Andersen style. 
Manufacturer > Not limiting to but including, CFC Silkeborg, Georg Petersens Møbelfabrik, Trensum, Hovestadens Møbel & Madrasfabrik, Bramin, Brdr Andersens Møbelfabrik, Uldum Møbelfabrik
Masterpieces > Sculpturale Smile table, the Capri Sofa (this brought him international fame)