Illum Wikkelso


From > 1919- 1999, Denmark
Education > Carpenter schooling followed through with School of Arts and Crafts 1938 - 1941
Influencer > Hans Wegner, Finn Juhl
Design studio > Illum at first worked for various Danish furniture houses and architects and started in 1954 his own design studio in the outskirts of Aarhus
Signature > Wikkelsø was inspired by the meandering Danish landscape and natural organic shapes and worked those into functional designs. 
Brands > Niels Eilersen, Mikael Laursen, CFC Silkeborg, Søren Willadsen, C.F. Christensen, Brøderna Tromborg, Holger Christiansen, Aarhus.
Masterpieces > Steam bend version of Wegner’s the Chair, the rocking chair, chair model V11 and the Ringstol