H.W. Klein


Norwegian designer Henry Walter Klein, born in 1919, mastered many trades and has been a true asset for the Danish furniture design industry. Schooled as a linguist and mathematician he gained a number of degrees throughout his life as to be expected had many interests and talents. It was while serving in the navy he grew into carpentry. In 1949 he moved to Denmark to study at the prestigious Frederikberg Tekniske Skole, where he was taught by prominent Danish architect and interior designer, Finn Juhl.
From > 1919, Norway
Background > Linguist and mathematician
Master > Finn Juhll
Architecture & design studio > Founded his own design studio in Norway in 1952, but moved to Denmark in 1960 to work full time at Bramin
Signature > Use of fine woods like teak and well proportioned, well crafted forms
Manufacturer > Bramin and Fritz Hansen

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