Ejvind A. Johansson


Ejvind Johansson is also referred to as the most famous unknown designer, not a very coveted title actually. If we have to guess much of this image has been caused because he was ahead of his time. Johansson was well know for his unorthodox style. Often mixing classical English and Scandinavian styles with modernistic simplistic shaping and through that created timeless pieces of furniture. To this day these are highly popular across the globe.
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1923 - 2002, Denmark
Education > apprenticeship as a carpenter, College of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen 1942 -1946
Signature > Unconventional designs, combinations and construction methods
Brands > Ivan Gern, Federica Stolefabrik (FDB)
Masterpiece > J67 and the Eye chair #84 for Gern