Arne Hovmand Olsen


As a child Arne Hovmand Olsen had a passion for drawing. Because of this passion his parents arranged for an internship at P. Olsen Sibast. Quite a good move by the farmer’s family, as their son grew into a succesful mid-range designer with sizeable success in Denmark. Furthermore, much of his designs were exported to the US in the sixties! 
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1919 - 1989, Kirkeby Sogn in Denmark
Background > Internship at P. Olsen Sibast in 1938, followed by furniture-design school in Aarhus
Factories > Bramin, Mogens Kold, and self produced designs in his studio
Masterpiece > Scissor chair
Signature > his chairs, writing desks, tables, dressers and sideboards are typical Scandinavian with simple yet clear lining