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Furnip is always on the hunt for 
mid-century Danish design. Vintage masterpieces with character and a story. Modern, outspoken and original. You will find only one of everything. Happy snooping and shopping!

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'Combine a mid-century masterpiece with tiny treasures and funky functionals, and create your own little gallery'

- Furnip -

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Mad for mid-century

Furnip is your watering hole for vintage design furniture from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Emphasizing on but not limiting to Danish design. Mid-century Danish design comes with style function and withstand durably the tests of time. Bit of the best of all if you ask us. Edgy design, craftsmanship, manually crafted and superb material selection.

Never just because, but always mindfully well created. The magic formula for furniture to love and live. Combine endlessly with modernistic, industrial and current design.

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Passion of Furnip

All Furnip furniture pieces are handpicked and purchased with passion for the designs. It does not end there, they are re-vived, re-furbished and if necessary repaired. Every piece will be carefully selected en personally collected on location. From passion we operate.


  • Vintage

  • Every mid-century masterpiece has it’s own story to tell and you’ll find a backdrop for every piece as detailed as possible on design, designer, maker, studio and in some cases previous owner. Because with detail a house transforms into a home.
  • Interior4you

  • Through offering timeless design classics, entry level pieces, breathtaking centerpieces and accessories Furnip provides you with a range from ‘to go wild’ all the way to ‘keep it calm’.
  • Unique

  • We at Furnip favour the bold, the unicorns, the beautiful, and the practical. That’s what gets us going every day. Feel the love? Snoop around for inspiration. And in case you want to touch and feel those masterpieces, look at them in the light of day?
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Specific desires?

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Something in your head but you can’t find it? Looking for something specific from designer A B or C to complete your collection?

Let us know, we will hunt for you, without any tied sale to this you are free to still not take the piece we found for you, thus at no risk.

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