N. Eilersen Illum Wikkelso oak easy chair Made by Niels Eilersen.. CH15006 €0.00 €0.00 1

Illum Wikkelso oak easy chair furnip

Made by Niels Eilersen


Spotted in the blink of an eye, this is an Eilersen! Designed by Illum Wikkelsø this chair is instantaneously recognisable as an Niels Eilersen. Producer Eilersen was proficient in steam bending of wood and made the back of the chair and armrests in one piece.

This chair is also referred to as round chair and is wide enough to provide for desk or easy chair use. This particular chair hardly has any vintage wear and we qualify it as excellent vintage condition.

Seat height > 46 cm
Seat width > 47 cm
Total width > 62 cm
Total height > 73 cm
Depth > 45 cm
Manufacturer > N. Eilersen
Designer > Illum Wikkelso

Period > Late 50’s
Material > Solid oak and original skai leather
Vintage condition > Excellent