FDB Mobler Classic sewing cart By Ejvind Johannson.. VA15002 €660.00 €660.00 1

Classic sewing cart furnip

By Ejvind Johannson


Ejvind Johannson designed this sewing cart for two factories. Both FDB Møbler and Vitre have produced this sewing cart in several different wood types like rosewood, teak and oak. Most of us know Ejvind Johannson for his famous eye chair #84, a true masterpiece.

The interior of the cart is made out of beach wood and a true gem for ones hobby gear. The vintage condition this cart is in we rate as excellent. 

Depth > 40 cm
Width > 60 cm
Height > 59 cm
Manufacturer > FDB Mobler
Designer > Ejvind A. Johansson

Period > 60’s
Material > Teak veneer and solid teak
Vintage condition > Excellent