France & Son

Design classics from > 1948 - today
Main designers > The company was at the very vanguard of modern design and came to epitomise the Danish modern aesthetic. They had an incredible rostra of designers producing work for them which reads like a who’s who of design at the time, they included Arne Vodder, Grete Jalk, Peter Hvidt & Orla Molgaard Nielsen, Inger Klingenberg, Finn Juhl, Ole Wanscher, Greve Sigvard Bernadotte and Edvard & Tove Kindt Larsen.
Furniture focus > seating
Known for > Finn Juhl was desperate to find a way to machine teak his favourite timber on an industrial scale. Teak has a very high gum content, previous attempts to machine it industrially had failed as the saw would be dull after a dozen uses. In 1953 Charles France introduced an industrial technique that revolutionised the Danish furniture industry. He developed the use of a tungsten-carbide alloy saw which did not dull when sawing teak wood. With this new method Charles France worked with Finn Juhl to launch the first industrially manufactured furniture produced from teak, the Model 133 Spadestolen chair. Teak furniture became synonymous with the Danish Modern style and the furniture industry would never be the same again. France & Daverkosen/Son would be the biggest importer of teak timber from Thailand for a number of years.